Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some new projects

I've been sewing quite a bit lately.  Here are two projects that I have completed within the past week!  Both did not come out the way that I would have liked them to, but I think I learned a lot from them.  And I don't think that they are completely wasted.  I will probably wear them at least once or twice.  And then I will rip them up and try again.  haha.  Oh the griefs of sewing.  I haven't gotten it right in a while.

This jacket is a different cut from regular jackets so it has a weird fit to it.  Instead of one seam around the armholes and a seam down the middle, it has a long seam from the shoulder to the cuff and a couple of seams down the middle.  But it is slowly growing on me.  I might even be able to bring myself to keep it for the future.  

I was going to try to wear this jacket for Halloween with the blouse that I posted about before.  But did I actually even dress up for Halloween?  No, I did not.  Kinda sad.  I was too busy to buy/make the accessories for this costume and I just gave up.  Maybe next year I will have time to do something much more substantial...

I was hoping that I could MAYBE use this dress for my after-wedding dinner or after-reception dress, but I think it looks too ugly for it.  I don't know when I am going to use it, if ever.  Church?  I still think the cut of the pattern is cute, but maybe I made it a size too large?  Either way, I think this kind of fabric is the wrong choice for this dress.  The sleeves are fugly and it is not flattering on my shape at all!  

Sigh... Oh well.  Maybe next time.  For now, I am just going to buy my other dresses for the wedding.  And as for sewing projects, I will just work on mending my current clothes until after the wedding when I can dig my nails into a more substantial project.  

Only a month left until the wedding!  And so many things to do!  Ahhh!!  It's exciting though.  I am moving on to greener (and warmer) pastures.  

Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Costume Pt. 1

I'm making my own Halloween costume this year.  (Or at least, I am going to try to!!  Time is a-ticking, I know...)  Here's a sneak peek at the first part of it: the blouse.  I just finished it last night around midnight.  Can you guess what I am going to be??

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A nice little touch...

I haven't been able to blog for quite a while.  So much to do in wedding planning, who would have ever thought?  Blogging is just one of my last priorities right now since I am still trying to have a normal sane life outside of planning for a wedding.  But I just thought I would write about this project that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

This project was super simple.  I bought this plain navy blue shirt-dress on sale at Wet Seal for about $10.

I really liked the fabric and cut but it was just a little too short... You can't really tell it's length from the picture, but the cinched waistline falls above my actual waistline and the hem of the skirt falls on my mid-thigh.

All I did was measure the hem line and cut a strip of cream fabric.  I sewed a couple of strips of lace in layers to the cream fabric strip and then attached the strip to the end and--voila!

I also used the remaining strip of lace for a little sash, but this is totally removable.  I am not sure if I really like it even...

Part of the reason being I feel like a little girl with it.  

But anyways, that's about it!  I thought I might use this for my engagement pictures, but I decided against it, thankfully.  I will most likely wear this, but I think I look a little pregnant in it.

Anyways, I am trying to get more sewing done so hopefully I will have more stuff to blog about.  I am currently working on a Halloween costume!  :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have soooo much to write about...

...But I don't really have the time to write about it all yet!  So I will just have to post what's been going on after today...

At any rate, here is the circle skirt for the sew-along as promised.  I'll admit it: I kind of didn't have enough fabric for a full circle skirt (which may mean I didn't actually SEW a circle skirt???) but I still enjoyed the process.  I think I may have to use this pattern and shape again someday soon--maybe even really soon...

I love Hipstamatic... The skirt is actually REALLY bright (probably too bright?).  I will most likely wear it anyway though...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yay! Finally a sewing blog post!

This summer has been absolutely beautiful!  And I have just been so grateful.  I even get to go on-site to one of the prettiest canyons for work every once in a while.  (These pictures are from Alta in Little Cottonwood Canyon.)  

Anyways, it has been such a nice summer that I have put off some other goals so that I can enjoy it.  I really love to play during the summer!

But as promised, here is the skirt that I sewed during Pleat Weeks.  (Way overdue, I know... I think it has been a week and a day since I finished it already...)
It's just a classic khaki paper skirt that I made with garbadine.  I have never worked with garbadine before so it was definitely a different experience.  And I did have a couple of slip-ups.  But overall I am proud of the result and would love to try this pattern (forgot the number, but it's a Simplicity Project Runway pattern) again sometime (as long as it is not too out-of-style by the time I get to it, which it very well could be...)  But at any rate, I am just excited to be back in the game of sewing.  I didn't take any pictures of the actual sewing process, but I don't know if I would want to bore you with the details of it anyway.  The basic premise of the skirt are the pleats on top and the tapered cut with pockets.  If I could do this differently, I would make it just a tad bit longer (it kind of comes up a little high as I sit down), and I would make sure to read the instructions a LEETLE more carefully so that I don't install the invisible zipper on the wrong side of the pocket (whoops!).  Oh and I would probably sew a little larger size (maybe a 6 or even an 8 next time?)  I was thinking in terms of store sizes and tried to sew a 4 and it came out WAY too small at first.  Luckily I was able to fit it just fine by letting out the pleats a little bit, but I would definitely want to stick with a larger size next time to get the full effect of the pleats. 

I am halfway done with my circle skirt for the sew-along!  Don't know if I will be able to get it done this week, but let's hope so!  I will be gone on a family vacation for the whole weekend this Labor Day!

Can't believe that August is practically over! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

New Sewing Machine and another Good Read

My sewing machine broke.  And it's old and pretty cheap so I doubt it's worth repairing.  So instead, I decided to get one online.  It was much cheaper than I expected, so I did a little more clicking and found an equally cheap serger.  Both of my orders are being processed right now, so I am super excited.  The sewing machine is by the same company but a much better model (according to it's reviews) and can do embroidery etc.,  And the serger-- well I never had a proper serger before, so I think it will be changing the way I do a lot of the things!!  I hope that with a new sewing machine and serger I will be able to do much, much more than I can do currently.

In other news, here's my latest Goodread:

Howl's Moving Castle (Castle, #1)Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first read a book by Diana Wynne Jones back in elementary school sometime and I remembered loving it.  Years later, and much to my surprise, I found out that she had written another book called Howl's Moving Castle, which was later turned into an anime film by the infamous Miyazaki.  As much of an anime-hater I can be at times, I really like Miyazaki's work for his crazy fantasy storylines and super cute, quirky characters.  It's weird how his work is always so cute and deep and abstract at the same time.

So even with the somewhat high expectations that I had, this book was better.  I can see why Miyazaki chose to use this storyline for a movie: it is crazy, deranged, and all over the place, yet a good, cute fantasy fiction story.  I thought the movie was a little more abstract than the book (all the more reason to like it I guess), but either way, I felt like there was more understandable humor in the book.

It's still a very easy kid's book...  I know, I am not very ambitious with the adult reads this summer...  But it was great because I just needed something light and fun.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

So far this summer...


Not like I have been able to play as much as I have wanted to because of my job though...  But nonetheless, I have been enjoying it.  

So far, I have made a couple of weekend trips to St. George.  The picture above is in southern Utah's very own Zion's National Park.  I went hiking up to Angel's Landing with my boyfriend Kade.  

Good times...  We also went golfing (more like he golfed and I watched) and had a fun time swimming and eating out in St. George this summer too...  

Other than that we also had a good Independence Day with friends.  Above is the quilt that I made for the occasion.  I wish I sewed enough to make this blog specifically on sewing but unfortunately I do not.  If I did, I would only be posting 3-4 times a year at the rate that I have been going.  I am constantly looking at craft and DIY blogs and I really wish I could do the same.  But I am probably going to have a LITTLE more time now that I have finished moving into my new place though so I hopefully I will be able to up my output level in the near future.